Thursday, November 10, 2011

KooKoo Sabzi

- 1 leek ("tareh farangi")
- 1 bunch Italian parsley ("Jafari")  *not regular parsely
- 1 bunch cilantro ("gishneez")
- 3 eggs (or egg whites)
- 1 teaspoon flour
- Salt/Pepper
- Cooking Oil
- pinch of baking soda
- Optional:  2 Romain lettuce leaves, green onions, spinach, fresh or dry dill
- Super Persian:  add some some crushed walnuts

- Wash and de-stem your greens.  Using a food processor chop up all your greens.  Use the entire leek.
-In a bowl whisk 3 eggs (you can toss out some of the egg yolk or use egg substitute).  Then combine the greens and the egg in the same bowl.  Add some salt/pepper for flavoring and the flour and baking soda.  Garlic or garlic salt can be added also.
- The amount of egg, flour and baking soda can be adjusted to make the meal "poofier"
- Heat a pan with cooking oil on high.  Go ahead and be a bit generous here with the oil.  Add the entire greens into the pan once the oil is nice and hot.  Try to get all the greens in there at once so it cooks evenly.

-  You will see the edges getting crispy. After a few minutes take down heat to a medium.

- Option 1:  Cook one entire side and when ready flip it over and fry the other side. Ttry cutting it in 4's to help flip it without falling apart.

- Option 2:  Healthier version with less oil:  Cook one entire side on stove and then put the pan in the oven.  Cook for 10 min at 320F degrees.  Flip the kookooh (try cutting it in 4's) and bake it for another 10-20min at 250F or until the insides are fully cooked.  Test with a knife or fork.  Be careful not too touch the pan handle and burn yourself.

- Once both sides are cooked you are done.  Kookooh sabzi tastes good both hot and cold.  Its a great meat replacement for vegetarians as well.

- Get Creative:  You can add almost any greens to this meal on top of the base ingredients. Try spring mix, green onions, spinach and nuts.

- Sometimes Italian Parsley is harder to find.  It's okay to make this meal without it, just make sure you have leeks as part of the base.  


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